General Info

On the first day, students are given a tour of the town center, pointing out areas of interest and importance. Bishkek transportation is fairly easy to figure out, especially since The London School of Languages and Cultures is on one of the main avenues.

With very warm summers and chilly winters, Bishkek weather can be broadly compared to that of Boston. Winters temperatures range from + 4C to 20C at night. Summer days can reach + 30C

Mobile Phones
Mobile phone networks in Kyrgyzstan are largely on GSM, although CDMA networks are gradually growing. Sim-cards and cell-phones are very easy to purchase, although the latter are occasionally overpriced.

Banks & Credit Cards
Visitors can open bank accounts in the Kyrgyz Republic without much difficulty. ATMs are also widely available and reliable in Bishkek. Foreign credit cards work within Bishkek. US dollars, Euros, Chinese RMB and Russian roubles can be changed easily. Travellers cheques can be cashed but hard currency is easier to convert.

Long distance phone rates are very reasonable in Kyrgyzstan, with many internet cafes doubling as IP-telephone booths. On average, 10 minutes to anywhere in the US costs less than a dollar while UK rates are even cheaper.

First Day at School
All new enrolments begin their course on Monday morning subject to availability. Students staying in host family accommodation will receive directions for how to get to school by their host family on the first morning.

Before the beginning of the classes , students are given a test to determine their current level of Russian or Kyrgyz. The test consists of multiple choice questions and an oral test. Students are then placed in a class at an appropriate level. Students are monitored closely and constantly by their teachers to ensure that they are always at the correct learning level.

Medical and Travel Insurance
All students should obtain medical insurance in their own country before departure and students are also recommended to take out travel insurance in case of accident or loss of baggage.

Personal Insurance
Students are not insured by the school, or by the family, against accidents, illness, theft or loss of personal belongings. The London School accepts no responsibility in the event of such occurrences. Personal insurance cover is therefore recommended.